Face Lift Collagen Mask

Made from pure collagen, and unlike any face mask on the market. From the first application, your skin will be instantly plumped, its fine lines reduced and the complexion radiant.

The mask is composed of native collagen fibers giving a sensation of a “second skin”, and soaked with hyaluronic acid to leave the skin hydrated and smooth.

Our Face Life Collagen Mask has a biologically active structure that is 97% identical to the structure of collagen in human skin.

The protein remains in its native form. Therefore, it is exceptionally well tolerated by the skin, giving instant long lasting moisturizing results. The concentration of collagen is 92%.

3 Masks (one time use only)

225.7 Euro

211.00 CHF price excl tax

Victim of its own success

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The perfect match

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