The term “cellulite” in cosmetology refers to the changes in subcutaneous fatty tissue , externally manifested by the specific change of texture of the skin in the form of “orange peel” on individual parts of the body.
Most often, cellulite affects the buttocks, hips and abdomen, and it may also occur on the shoulders, knees, calves and neck.
Reasons for cellulite appearance:
– hormonal dysfonction,
– unhealthy food regimen,
– inactive lifestyle,
– smoking,
– genetic factors,
– overweight.


Try a balanced diet, limiting fats and fast sugars (without eliminating them because the body needs them to function well).
Doing exercises is the best home remedy,  walking and swimming, in particular.

A weekly body scrub cleanses the skin in depth, dislodges dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the stratum corneum and improves the oxygenation of the epidermis. The skin becomes instantly softer
and smoother.

Anti-cellulite massage is a procedure that is suitable both for the fight against cellulite and for its prevention. If you losing weight and working out in the gym, this type of massage helps to tighten the skin in a short time.



Natural anti-cellulite actives stimulate blood circulation, eliminate swelling, make the body elastic, flexible and lightweight.

The procedure provides reduction of cellulite and excretion of toxins, restoration of muscle and skin tone.
Anti-cellulite wraps are very effective in anti-cellulite programs, especially their use is recommended in combination with Exilis treatment. 

Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap (1h) 220.00 euro.


A monopolar radiofrequency device offering a non-invasive treatment of skin conditions such as  skin laxity and excessive fat. This is the solution for everybody from head to toe with no skin type restrictions.

Skin laxity caused by loss of connective tissue due to natural aging process & storage of excess fat.

Volumetric Heating disrupts old collagen fibers and initiates the process of new collagen formation.

EXILIS  treatment leads to deep tissue and skin improvement.

Fat cells are disrupted and removed via the process of apoptosis. This leads to visible improvement in skin tightening and fat reduction.

The efficacy and safety have been tested in ten studies on different body parts, indications and by various scientific methods.

EXILIS is ideal for those looking for a solution to excess fat or skin in the specific “stubborn” area.

Depending on the treated area and skin condition, you may undergo between 2 to 4 treatments scheduled 7 to 10 days apart.

Many guests report  visible results after one treatment. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

EXILIS 20 Arms 250.00 euro.
EXILIS 30 Stomach 300.00 euro.
EXILIS 40 Legs 420.00 euro.


Pressotherapy is essentially a lyphatic drainage, in which a large number of harmful substances that are in the body are naturally excreted along with excess fluid and various toxins. 
This device does not only cope well with cellulite and swelling, but also with problems that may haunt a person due to lack or insufficient physical activity.
The procedure of lymphatic drainage massage takes place thanks to the compressed air, which enters the suit through a system of special tubes.

The entire treatment leads to a state of relaxation, cessation of swelling and pain which may be present earlier.

Pressotherapy (30 min.) 80.00 euro.


Sliming & remodeling massage is an absolutely safe and highly effective method, which helps to reduce cellulite manifestations, correct the figure and reduce local fat deposits. This type of massage activates all the necessary processes in the body in order to accelerate metabolic processes and toxins removal , evacuate  excess fluid from the body, and promote an  intensive regeneration of skin cells.

 After intensive program of regular treatments you can count on:
– Reducing or completely eliminating cellulite manifestations;
– Reducing the volume of local fat deposits in specific areas;
– Remodeling the desire body contours;
– Improving the condition of the skin (increase its firmness and elasticity).

Slimming & Remodeling massage (1h) 290.00 euro.


It is believed that the main purpose of the sea peel is to get rid of the dead cells from the skin. The peeling  is aimed at deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin, revealing its natural healthy color, restoring its firmness and tone, as well as renewing and rejuvenating the skin.
The effect of the sea peel procedure is incomparable with anything. The skin will acquire freshness, the structure of the skin  will become visibly smoother and more firmer. Lymphatic drainage and microcirculation will be normalized, and skin cells will literally ‘breathe’. In addition, fatigue and exhaustion will disappear from the body.

Sea Peel (1h) 190.00 euro.


Collagen Booster Serum


Rich in marine collagen, this serum for the body helps to firm, tone and hydrate the skin while restoring its elasticity.  A true anti-aging concentrate to minimize sagging skin on problem areas.  Apply this hydrating formula on a daily basis as it is made up of microscopic molecules able to penetrate through the skin cells until they reach their target area: to hydrate the outer layers of the epidermis.

Perfect for Men

100 ml

Collagen Firming Cream


An anti-aging body cream with a rich and silky texture, firming the body contours.

Formulated with marine collagen, it allows cellular renewal, ultimately tightening your skin.

It incorporates the best active ingredients to restore the skin’s elasticity.

100 ml

Anti-Cellulite Collagen Cream


An innovative formula that stimulates the circulation, helps eliminate fatty tissue through intensive stimulation and reduces the “orange-peel skin” effect.

This product also tackles the causes responsible for cellulite on the abdomen, thigh, hips and buttocks.

100 ml