In the epidermis, the keratinocytes start “dragging their feet” and regenerating less well and less often. In parallel, the skin’s outermost part, the stratum corneum, thickens,
and the skin becomes rougher and drier. The result is that the “barrier” function is less and less effective. As for the dermoepidermal junction, it also starts to disorganize.
In the dermis, the fibroblasts produce less collagen, and the elastic fibers deteriorate and break up. Little by little, the dermis thins out (it diminishes on average by 6% every ten years). The skin becomes less supple and fine lines and wrinkles start to show up.
Microcirculation is next, with a vascular network that reduces in size over time, resulting in a paler complexion and causing the rosiness in the cheeks to disappear.


 Intensely nourish and hydrate your skin to preserve its suppleness and radiance.

​In the sun, protection with high SPF indexes is recommended.

​Use of night serum helping to repair the day’s damage. 

​Apply your night cream preferably one hour prior to bedtime to give it time to penetrate and not rub off on your pillow. Do not forget your neck and chest.



Skin laxity caused by loss of connective tissue due to natural aging process.
A monopolar radiofrequency device offering a non-invasive treatment of skin condition such as wrinkles and skin laxity.

Volumetric Heating disrupts old collagen fibers and initiates the process of new collagen formation.

EXILIS  treatment leads to deep tissue and skin tightening.
The efficacy and safety have been tested in ten studies on different body parts, indications and by various scientific methods, and show a significative results in skin texture improvement .

EXILIS is ideal for anyone looking for a preventative treatment or a more dramatic cosmetic improvement once they begin to notice signs of skin laxity.

Depending on the treated area and skin condition, you may undergo between 2 to 4 treatments scheduled 7 to 10 days apart.

Many guests report  visible results after one treatment. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

EXILIS (20 min.) 200.00 euro.
EXILIS (45 min.) 300.00 euro.


Over time, the skin loses elasticity and collagen rates.

As the first signs of skin aging appear, as its necessary a long lasting restructuring at the dermo-epidermal level.

For this, the E-Finger nourishes and stimulates the skin cells,  which make the epidermis and dermis to promote the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients into the skin.

With no apparent electrode, it offers a new generation of micro-currents with the personalized combination of Ionization and Electrophoresis.

E-Finger Face (20 min.) 150.00 euro.


During this procedure, different wavelengths and outputs of low-level light are applied directly to a targeted area. The body tissue then absorbs the light. The red and near-infrared light cause a reaction, and the damaged cells respond with a physiological reaction that promotes regeneration.

The cell renewal is accelerated by improving the elasticity of the skin.
This treatment increases the contribution of nourishing and regenerating substances in the cells, so boosting their renewal.
Fine lines will be attenuated and the aging of your skin will be delayed.

Cold Laser (45 min.) 200.00 euro.


Gas-liquid peeling is a popular device procedure to address skin problems associated with age-related changes, the implications of acne and lipid metabolism disorders. It is low-traumatic, season-round and has few contraindications compared to other rejuvenating procedures. An additional advantage of the method is its simplicity: the patient’s skin is treated with a gas-liquid jet with microdrops of active ingredient, cleanses the skin, provides massage and peeling, gives lymphatic drainage effect and stimulates blood circulation. The Oxyjet is an independent cosmetological procedure to treat the following problems of the skin:  dry and itchy skin;  skin laxity;  dull complexion;   premature aging;  pigmentation;  acne and postacne;  “orange peel”.

A pure dose of oxygen associated with an exclusive serum, rich in hyaluronic acid and in vitamins, this treatment is going to protect the cells from the oxidation and will stimulate facial muscles, revitalize, to plump and limit the wrinkles.

Oxyjet and Vitamins (15 min.) 100.00 euro.


Device face infusion cleansing is a gentle way to cleanse the skin, which does not leave redness and swelling. 

A light, wet abrasion allow a very soft exfoliation of the skin thanks to a crown of circular diamonds.
The active ingredients of several specific serums can penetrate and infuse in the deepest layers of the skin.
This treatment is going to activate the renewal of the top layers of the skin and the production of collagen.

Anti-Aging Face Infusion Facial (1h30) 320.00 euro.


The Anti-Aging Lifting Facial, which you can try at Margy’s Monte Carlo Beauty Institut, is one of the most effective techniques for rejuvenating the skin, lifting up and contouring the face oval.

Anti-Aging Lifting Facial is so effective that in some cases it can even replace plastic surgeries or injection procedures. In this case, this method is much safer and has fewer contraindications.

Anti-Aging Lifting Facial is a real fitness for the face. It helps to activate blood circulation, which not only improves the quality of the skin, but also will helps blood rush to the head. Thanks to this, after a session you will not only look better, but also feel youthfull, fresh and radiant. The result is usually already visible after the first session.

Steady long-term effect can be received by taking a package from 5-10 weekly procedures. After that ,one keep-up session per month will be enough. The Anti-Aging Lifting Facial duration is 90 minutes.

Anti-Aging Lifting Facial (1h30) 250.00 euro.


The main purpose of Anti-Aging Exilis Facial is to eliminate deformations in connective tissue. This type of face care is often called non-surgical facial modeling on the type of “circular lift”.
Already after the first session of Anti-Aging Exilis Facial muscle cramps and tension reduced, expression wrinkles smoothed and muscle strength restored. Lips become more elastic and blood circulation is improved. 

The principle of operation of EXILIS – the action of radio waves penetrating into the deep layers of the skin. The collagen, responsible for its elasticity and relief, is heated and contracted. Radiofrequencies  promotes the synthesis of new collagen, improves metabolic processesin the dermis, provides lifting and smoothing of the skin, and helps eliminate swelling and dullness.

Anti-Aging Exilis Facial (2h) 520.00 euro.



With its rich & comforting texture, the Lotion 1 does more than just smoothing, moisturizing and firming. The hydrating and protective power of this gel/lotion acts as a shield to protect the skin’s surface and hydrolipidic film.

A first important step to rebalance the PH of the skin.

200 ml

Stem Cells Illuminating Serum


The texture of this serum is similar to a “cream”.  Highly concentrated active ingredients of the Stem Cell Illuminating Serum will stimulate the cellular renewal and circulation, minimizing fine lines & imperfections and ultimately brighten the skin, leaving it radiant.

Perfect for Men

30 ml


An extra rich, fast absorbing cream that provides the skin with deep hydration and nourishment. Specifically formulated for dry skin and/or skin exposed to dry or cold climates that need additional moisturizing to provide protection and elasticity.

50 ml

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