Energizing Eye Zone Cream

The skin around the eye contour area is particularly fine, with no oil glands and limited collagen and elastin support. The circulation and lymphatic drainage of the eye area is also sluggish.

This sublime eye cream effectively treats the fragile eye contour area. Its active properties nourish, regenerate and firm, improving the skin’s elasticity by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

30 ml

150.00  price excl tax

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When you apply any product whatsoever, do not get too close to the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid, to keep residue from getting in the eye and avoid any risk of irritation.

For best results in minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles:  Apply the cream after the Eye Contour Renovating Fluid. For optimal results, you can apply it in a thick layer (like an Eye Mask) and let it penetrate one hour before bed (avoiding eyelids).


Exceptional composition: Biotechnologically produced Oxido reductases as radical neutralizer combined to Specially purified Soya polypeptides as proteinase inhibitor.

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein is an effective anti-irritant and leaves a smooth, dry feel on the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate is the salt of hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient is appreciated for its moisturizing and plumping action on the skin.

Applied to skin, caffeine has soothing and antioxidant properties, especially when skin is exposed to UV light. It can penetrate skin and has a constricting effect, which helps alleviate redness. Caffeine has high biological activity and ability to penetrate the skin barrier. It helps protect cells against the UV radiation and slows down the process of sun damage. Increases microcirculation around the eyes helping to reduce puffiness.

Readily absorbed by the skin, penetrating deep into the lower layers. Hydrating: Pantothenic acid works as a humectant by infusing water in the cells, retaining moisture deep within the skin’s tissues. Moisturising : Clinical research has found that not only is this acid extremely moisturising, but when regularly used over a period of four weeks or more, it takes on an anti-inflammatory role; relieving whilst also helping to soothe dry skin. It behaves as a humectant, an effective emollient, it is deeply penetrating, It offers long-lasting moisturisation, It’s great for red, sore, irritated skin, as it is very soothing, It helps to improve the skin’s barrier function. Research has shown that it may help to promote wound healing.

An anti-aging ingredient because it has the ability to protect the skin from free radicals, protect collagen and stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation. Functions as an anti-aging ingredient by protecting the skin against free radicals. Free radicals are the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Methylsilanol mannuronate protects by increasing the cell membrane’s resistance. Methylsilanol mannuronate also has the ability to promote skin regeneration through collagen production. Research indicates that methylsilanol mannuronate increase fibroblast proliferation. Fibroblasts are cells in the connective tissue that produce collagen. By increasing fibroblast proliferation, methylsilanol mannuronate can boost collagen production. The result is skin that appears more firm, smooth, and youthful. Methylsilanol mannuronate also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe the skin and reduce the inflammatory response.

a. Moistursing
b. Anti-aging–Anti-oxidant
c. Soothing–Reducing pufiness
d. Hydrating
e. Moisturising–Firming

Weight:    0.110 kg
Dimensions:    13.6 × 6.5 × 3.6 cm

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